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EGT dress code


A person´s appearance represented by his dress reflects his spiritual attitude. Also the spiritual values of the EGT students are reflected by the style of the clothes they wear. To preserve these values it is required to follow the dress code stated below: the students need to follow the dress code for all the days of the week, Church services, school gatherings (chapels) and other school events. In the case of extreme weather special instructions will be issued.


General rules

It is not allowed to wear any clothes that promote antichristian attitude, un-ethical ideas, groups and also the clothes that promote alcohol, cigaretts, drugs and violence. It is not allowed to wear clothes: shabby, torn, dirty. It is not allowed to wear baggy pants with big pockets. The boys have to wear long trousers (3/4 and shorts are forbiden). Socks are obligatory. The skirts and the girls shorts have to be of proper length. The T-shirts have to cover the shoulders and the belly, they must not have an inappropriate neckline, sleeveless or with thin shoulder straps.It is not allowed to have your head covered with anything in school - hoods, caps, hats, scarves, headbands and others. It is not appropriate to wear a tattoo and a priercing on visible parts of the body. Also it is not allowed to wear an expensive jewellery and tasteless trinkets typical for certain groups and gangs. It is also inappropriate to wear see through clothes showing the underwear. It is not allowed to wear too large - loose T-shirt, sweaters, baggy pants.
It is forbiden to wear the working clothes. A student has to be decently, clean and not provocatively dressed.


  • plain pants, 3/4 pants, skirts and shorts
  • sweatshirts. plain vest, sweaters and pullovers
  • T-shirts distributed by our school, their own plain T-shirts, and blouses which are not see through and meet the criteria stated above
  • belts without glitters and metal decorations
  • formal clothes
  • if the school shoes to change into are formal shoes they cannot have spikeheels


  • plain long pants
  • sweatshirts, plain vest, pullovers and sweaters
  • T-shirts distributed by our school, their own plain T-shirts, shirts: striped, plaid, not working clothes
  • belts without glitters and metal decorations
  • formal clothes
  • shoes to change into may also be formal shoes - especially with formal clothes



The teachers and the other school staff can consider whether the student appearance is appropriate according to the dress code.

On subsequent occasions it is necessary to have formal wear:

  • opening and closing school year
  • ceremonial Church Service
  • A-levels
  • graduation

The home teachers are responsible for the following of the dress code. The school order takes care of breaking of the dress code.

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