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EGT’s 25th Anniversary

Dear American teachers, volunteers, and friends,

Time passes very quickly and EGT is going to celebrate its 25th birthday.You have been a part of God’s work and your footprints are deeply engraved in His miracle work here. We would like to invite you to take part in EGT’s 25th Anniversary Celebration.

June 22nd - informal program—visiting students, friends, concert
June 23nd - formal program—church service, performance, reception
Contact: zuzana.smitalova@egt.sk by February 28, 2017.

The registration form you can fill here.

Your memories of being here and serving at EGT are very precious. Please write them or make a video and send them to: helena.pasiakova@gmail.com by February 28, 2017. We might print/save them for the next generation.

Serving Him,

             Helena Pašiaková

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