Tisovec Lutheran High School      
bilingual Slovak-English


Profile of EGT graduate

Technical specifications

  • Branch of study: high school
  • Classification: bilingual study - 5-year
  • Achieved level of education: general secondary education<
  • Method of certification:: School Leaving Examination (maturita) and a certificate of the state language school on the state language examination in English language

General knowledge and qualification

  1. general education enabling subsequent specialization
  2. knowledge acquisition enabling to understand the world as a whole in the past, present, and future forecasting
  3. humanitarian component - provides a comprehensive view on the human and nation history, the culture, thought and moral trends and values
  4. natural-scientific component - the understanding of a nature as a whole with an emphasis on the role, place and responsibility of a man
  5. physical education component - the active use of a leisure time, responsibility and care for his own health
  6. integration of the components in a personal and spiritual growth and development that leads to the activeness, autonomy, creativity, responsibility and preferences of theChristian values
  7. autonomous behavior
  8. ablility to learn
  9. to use the methods of a logical thinking
  10. to develop a critical thinking
  11. education of a Christian and a citizen of a democratic society

Illustration pictures

Professional knowledge and qualification

  1. communication in a mother tongue
  2. communication in two foreign languages
  3. ability to use ICT

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