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Y.E.S. – G.R.E.E.N

Young Entrepreneurs at School – Go, Research and Explore Environment and Nature


is an international project that runs thanks to the European Union Erasmus + project. Within the project, our students and teachers will research environmental protection issues, create green fairy tales and learn about the opportunities of so-called green business together. We will work together with our partners from Bulgaria – Vasil Levski High school, Italy - Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Gobetti Marchesini Casale Arduino in Torino, Estonia – Gymnasium in Narva, Lithuania- Kaltinenai Alexandras Stulginskis Gymnazium and the Czech Republic – Mensa Gymnazium.

Our pupils visit their partners at their schools during the two next following years, experience family life in a different culture, get to know Europe and learn about the environment. Each international meeting has its own theme and we will gradually talk about: sustainable consumption and production, water conservation, environmental problems of towns and villages, renewable energy sources, biodiversity protection and green business.

Another objective of the project is to develop the skills needed to enter the labor market not only in our country but also abroad. We will talk about how and where to apply for job opportunities, how to correctly formulate your CV or write a cover letter. We will do research on the opportunities of green business or employment in the field of environmental protection.

All the information about the project and project activities or meeting will be published here.

Project step by step:

The first transnational meeting

In Estonia

In Tisovec (Slovakia)

In Prague (Czech Republic)

In Italy

In Bulgaria

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